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Sash Window Refurbishment And Repair Of Sash Window
Sash window refurbishment and repair of sash window

Sash window restoration and repair in London

We are are pleased to announce that we are aware of training in the field of sash windows. A free course is a three week on site, work and learn, hands on training with possibility of a job offer after. Although you’ll receive no paper certificate, you’ll get taught basic safety and learn from experienced carpenters. It’s an opportunity to learn a bit about sash windows and enjoy the benefits of a highly credible skill for free.

What is sash window repair and restoration and what will I learn?

If you’re based in London then this training opportunity is ideal for you. You will be given a schedule which will involve learning all the basics of sash window repair, restoration, draught proofing, and decoration. Here’s a little look at each of the skills you’ll be exposed with.

Sash window repair

Sash window repair involves replacement of sills, and scarfing timber to old sashes in order to improve their lifespan. You’ll learn how to take a sash window apart, and how to replace sash cords. Currently there’s an opportunity to be trained in repairing of box frames as well. The exact training will depend on the site work that is required, but at some point you’ll cover all of the points mentioned.

Sash window repair and overhauling, pocket and weight removal to install new sash cords

Sash window repair and overhauling, pocket and weight removal to install new sash cords

Sash window draught proofing

Draught proofing is important to  London on a scale we wouldn’t understand. If every single home in London had their windows draught proofed the amount of heat saved would be phenomenal. Not only are we making heat to keep our home warm, we are burning fossil fuels to do so. Draught proofing removes the need to worry about this and can actually save around £25 a year in heating. Since the draught proofing will last well for about ten years it’s fairly likely the client will get a full payback before the end of the product lifespan. You’ll learn how to draught proof a a sash window and install draught seals to original sash windows.

Sash window draught proofing groove routed out

Sash window draught proofing groove routed out

Sash window painting and decoration

Did you know that most sash windows that rot are caused by poor decoration? That’s why learning how to paint a sash window is an important skill that’ll serve you for a lifetime. Every single window in London needs decorating every five years. This means that you will never run out of work, ever. You’ll learn correct decoration techniques and be exposed to high quality sash window specialists who will advise you on the best way to get the job done well.

When will I get my sash window repair award through London Sash Window Repairs Ltd ?

London Sash Window Repairs Ltd are essentially offering a free three week learning opportunity with the opportunity for employment thereafter. You can find information directly relating to London Sash Window Repairs Ltd here:


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