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Renovate Kitchen Cupboards
Renovate Kitchen Cupboards

How to Renovate Kitchen Cupboards and Cabinets Easily

Do you remember the good old days when you visited your grandmother far away from the bustling city during vacation? We bet you haven’t forgotten the cookies, baked rice pudding and the hot doughnut that she prepared for you. But, the kitchen that she prepared these delicious foods from is ugly now, and the cupboards are all messy.

A kitchen speaks volumes about the family or the people that use them, and so, it is very necessary that it looks attractive, and done according to your taste and requirements.

How to Renovate Kitchen Cupboards

How to Renovate Kitchen Cupboards

If you are thinking of renovating your kitchen, begin with the cupboards. You would end up making a huge difference to the overall look of your kitchen by simply making a few changes to the kitchen cupboard and cabinets.

If you plan to redo your old kitchen or set up an altogether new one, it can be easily done without spending huge amount of money. All you need is a good idea, a few resources, and a few dedicated weekends! Here are few ideas you can pick from in order to renovate your existing kitchen cupboards.


Paint Your Kitchen Cupboards

Painting your cabinets and kitchen cupboards is recommended not only if the cupboard surface is faded or scratched, but it is also one of the best ways to beautify your kitchen and give it a new look.

It is best to choose a colour that gels with the colours in the rest of the kitchen and other rooms. While some opt for natural shades such as cherry or maple, few others go in for their favourite colour.

Mixing up colours on cabinets and cupboards is also a good idea as that adds richness. Using semi-gloss enamel for painting cabinets is recommended by experts.


Add Cabinet Pulls or Hardware inside the Cupboard

Adding plastic or metal knobs and handles inside the cupboard is very helpful. Depending on the budget that you have allocated for your kitchen renovation, you will have ample options that you can choose from the market or from online retailers. The cabinet pulls can easily be fixed by drilling it onto the doors.


Install Lighting inside the Kitchen Cupboard

Installing small lights inside the cupboard will look very classy and elegant. You won’t need an electrician to install cabinet lighting as these lights are easily available on any online stores or home improvement stores which you can simply stick on any surface.

Install Lighting inside the Kitchen Cupboard

Install Lighting inside the Kitchen Cupboard


Fix a Pull-Out Shelf in the Base Cabinet

It is helpful to have a pull-out shelf, especially at the base of the cabinet as it gives easy access to items stored below and behind the cabinet. If you plan to build not more than two shelves, it is advised to visit a lumberyard or home center selling half or quarter sheets of plywood. They can even cut the plywood to the desired dimensions.


Reface Existing Kitchen Cabinets

It is amazing to see what a few new doors and drawers along with a little veneer can do to your ageing kitchen cabinet. Both the veneer and new doors are easily available at woodworking companies. Apply veneer (wood which is a thin and self-adhering layer) over the cabinet fronts. Measure twice and be careful while cutting these woods.

Reface Existing Kitchen Cabinets

Reface Existing Kitchen Cabinets

Make sure that the colour of the cabinet fronts matches with that of the doors. Stained, as well as unstained plywood panels, veneer, doors, and drawer fronts, are available with these companies. While there is not much of a difference in price, buying unstained ones will give you more options.


Showcase Your Collectibles

You can add a glamorous touch to your kitchen by placing your rare kitchen set collections either in the cupboard or on the cabinet shelf above the window.


Glass Doors Brings in Sophistication

Glass doors definitely look more attractive than a wooden closed door. However, this is something that you need to take a call depending on whether or not you want to showcase the things inside your kitchen cupboard. If you have beautiful dishes and containers that you want to show off, it’s a good idea to have glass doors. You can replace all or few of the kitchen doors with glass ones, depending on how many items you want to show off.

Renovating your kitchen, especially the cupboards and cabinets will enhance the look and feel of the kitchen. If you plan to live in the house, you can enjoy your time in the kitchen even more, and if you decide to sell your home, updating your cupboards and cabinets can certainly enhance sales appeal.

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