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A House Made Of Brick Walls
A house made of brick walls

How to Clean Exterior of Face Brick

Are you one among those who believe that your face brick walls of your house and fireplace do not need any cleaning or maintenance? If yes, you are going to be proved wrong right now!

Bricks have been a popular building material for ages. It’s visually aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency are two of its main advantages when it comes to resale value.

Cleaning and maintaining face bricks is easy, and we have listed for you here a few cleaning tips that will help make the interior and exterior of your face brick look as good as new.

General Cleaning to Clean Exterior of Face Brick

Scrub the face bricks with plain water and scrub brush or a stiff bristled brush periodically to remove grime and dirt from the exterior of face bricks. It is best to scrub the bricks after a heavy rainfall. Rinsing with ½ cup of ammonia in a bucket of water helps to clean off heavily stained face bricks.

Cleaning Interior of Face Brick or Around the Fireplace

Mix an ounce of salt along with some laundry detergent and water to form a paste. Apply the solution on the stained face brick interior using a damp rag. Brush it off using a scrub brush after 15-20 minutes. If there are any more stains, apply vinegar on it using a wet cloth and brush it off after 10-15 minutes.

Fireplace brick wall

Fireplace brick wall

Removing Mould, Green Moss, and Mildew from Face Brick Exterior Using Garden Hose

Mould, mildew, and green mosses are likely to accumulate if the bricks are constantly moist. Loosen the dirt and grime by using a garden hose. Begin from the top of the wall, spraying from left to right as you gradually work your way downward. Allow the water to remain for a while if the stains are too tough. Clean the face brick using the garden hose at least once or twice a year to prevent accumulation of dirt.

Boiling water or steam is another very effective method to clean off mosses, mould, and mildew.

Cleaning or Clearing Cement off Face Bricks

Cement and mortar can be cleaned off a face brick using a chisel. Another discarded piece of brick can also be used to clear mortar and cement. However, you might have to resurface the bricks if the cement is embedded inside the brick.

Cleaning Exterior of Face Brick Using Pressure/Power Washer

Power washer with a pressure of 3,000 pounds per inch or less will help clean the dirt and debris off your home’s brick walls. Pressure washer, which can be rented from a DIY retailer, along with any brick-cleaning solution will aid clean up heavily stained bricks. This pressurized water spray is ideal if you do not want to use chemicals on your face bricks.

Removing Paint Spills and Stains of Oil from Brick

Oil stains can be easily removed from face brick by combining one gallon of water with one pound of trisodium phosphate which is easily available at any hardware or paint stores. Make a thick paste of this using enough powdered chalk. The next step is to spread a 1/2″ thick layer of this paste over the oil stained area and let it dry completely. Wash the surface with clean water once you scrape off the dried paste.

Graffiti on brick wall

Graffiti on brick wall

Using steel wool or wire brush is recommended to remove old paint stains from bricks. Ensure to cover or protect any unstained areas while using any chemical. Make sure to use rubber gloves, eye protection and wear an old dress while handling chemicals.

While face Bricks undoubtedly are built to last, it still needs some cleaning and maintenance time to time. Whether it is the kitchen, fireplace, or an outside wall that is surrounded by shrubs, the interior and exterior of face bricks are likely to get damaged if not maintained well. Occasional cleaning along with repainting and checks for water damage is essential to ensure the longevity of face bricks.

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