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Electrical Light Bulb Socket
Electrical light bulb socket

How to Replace an Electrical Light Bulb Socket – Easy Step By Step Instuctions

You walk into your room after a long day at work and switch on the lights. Pop! That’s all that you hear and you know that the bulb has gone off. Now, this is the last thing you want after a hard day away from home!

You look carefully, and you see that one of the sockets is discoloured and one of its wires is burnt too. Now before you decide to throw away the beautiful light fixture, check out if you can save it by simply replacing the light bulb socket.

Listed below are few easy step by step instructions on how to replace an electrical light bulb socket. The procedure will take you up to 15 minutes.

Switch Off the Power

Switch or turn off the power to the circuit that you will be working on. You might need to shut them off one by one to find the circuit. Begin your work only when you are convinced that the circuit is off. Follow all electrical safety procedures before working on anything electrical to prevent shock.

Keep Aside the Globe, Fixture

Remove the globe first by holding it with one hand while loosening the screws, retainer nut, or its internal clips. Keep it aside as of now.

For removing the light fixture, loosen the screw of the two bracket screws located at the centre of the fixture. Loosening it instead of unscrewing it is a better idea as it will be easier to fix it back later. Twist the fixture in order for the screw heads to be positioned in the larger hole of the screw slots.

Remove the Wiring from the Fixture

Twist the wire nuts counterclockwise to remove them from the fixture. Disconnect ground wire if any, and also separate the wires. Keep it aside for a while. In order to remove the socket, pull both the white and black wires from the bad socket through the small hole there in the fixture.

Remove the Socket and Bulb

Remove the light bulb first from the socket. Now get on to remove the socket by loosening up the screws while holding the retaining nut from behind the socket bracket using a screwdriver.

Time to Replace the Bulb and Socket

Well, now that you have gotten away with the old socket, fix the new socket using the screw and nut that you just removed. Make sure to tighten the screw enough as over tightening it might cause the socket to break. Insert the wires into the fixture holes in such a manner that the wires are behind the fixture, all set to be wired. Depending on the capacity of the socket (maximum wattage will be mentioned on the side of the socket), you can now fix the bulb.

Wire and Connect the Fixture

Take the fixture up to the ceiling and connect the wires with wire nuts. Ensure that the black wire is tied together under one wire nut and the white ones are tied together under another nut. The ground wire if any must be connected to the light bracket or with a wire nut.

Tighten the fixture using bracket screws in order to prevent it from falling.

Fix Back the Glob

Clean the area and the globe and fix it back on the fixture. Tighten the screws evenly on the side and fix the retaining nut.

Switch on the Power

Once you are done, switch on the power on your electrical panel and check to see if it’s working.

Now that you have replaced your light bulb socket, you can now sit back and relax over a cup of hot coffee and watch your favorite show on the television.

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