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Lincrusta Wallpaper
Lincrusta Wallpaper

Historic Lincrusta Wallpaper: Lincrusta Wall Coverings Add Character and Texture to Walls

Lincrusta was invented in 1877 by English rubber manufacturer Frederick Walton, the same man who invented linoleum in 1855. Using a variation of the linoleum manufacturing process, Walton was able to produce what he originally called “Linoleum Muralus”-linoleum for walls. Later, it became known as Lincrusta-Walton, or simply Lincrusta.

Historical Uses of Lincrusta Wall Coverings

Lincrusta became very popular in the 1800s because it imitated more expensive materials. It gave people the ability to replicate plaster friezes and highly decorative dados at an affordable price. According to National Humanities Center, Lincrusta “could simulate carved plaster and wood as well as embossed leather and metal… Lincrusta was used in almost every conceivable setting from homes to hotels to government buildings, lodge halls, railroad carriages, yachts and ocean liners – including the Titanic.”

Lincrusta Wall

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Using Lincrusta

Today, Lincrusta is not only used by people who are preserving or restoring older homes, but also by people with newer homes as well. It is an exquisite, beautifully textured paintable wall covering that actually becomes harder with age. Because of its thickness, Lincrusta has the ability to cover cracks, pits, and uneven walls. Lincrusta is available in wall coverings, dados, friezes, and borders. Wall covering patterns range from ornate, intricate designs to simple linear patterns and geometric shapes.

Installing Lincrusta

Installing Lincrusta is more challenging than installing other wallpapers. Due to its brittleness and weight, at least two people should work together to hang the paper. Special paste must be used to ensure proper adherence to the wall or ceiling surface. A heavy duty clay-based adhesive is recommended. It is best to use a utility knife to cut the material, as typical wallpaper blades are not strong enough.

How to Install Lincrusta by MrLincrusta 

Decorating With Lincrusta

Once installed, Lincrusta can be painted to match the room’s decor, faux-painted to resemble leather or copper, glazed, antiqued, or simply left in its natural off-white finish. Many different looks can be accomplished by using different paint materials and techniques. Before beginning to paint, experiment with leftover scraps using several different techniques. This will determine the best process to follow in order to achieve the desired final result. If necessary, Lincrusta can be painted over and over again for an exceptional result every time.

Lincrusta is a stunning wall covering offering many attractive designs. It is designed to last and imparts charm, elegance, and sophistication to any room. Lincrusta can revitalize old walls, and give new walls and ceilings architectural detail. It is a product that has endured the test of time, and will continue to be a beautiful addition to many homes in the future.

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