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DIY Construction and Building was born in an attempt to make home learning and home improvement free. From your sash windows to your fence, to fixing a chair in the garden we think we should all be able to manage a bit around the home ourselves. On this website you’ll find dozens of useful articles all made by DIY Construction and Building for free and not for commercial gain.

DIY Construction and Building carry out a task and then talk about it, it’s as simple as that. We make sure that every time we workout how to do something around the home, we workout how we can best explain that to you, giving you the opportunity to have a go at home rather than call in professionals. All we ask is that you carefully carry out any of the tasks you find on this website with due care and diligence. We accept no responsibility for damage, loss, or otherwise from the articles you find here. All information is offered on a good faith basis and you should be careful in carrying out all task you find here. Do not continue using this website if you disagree with these terms offered in good faith. Please always be careful and if you think you might be in danger taking on any of these tasks or operating electrical tools or hand tools then please do not do it.

DIY Construction and Building care about peoples homes, we want you to have a great chance to enjoy all the benefits of professional repairs but bringing them into bite sized chunks that a good DIY savvy person can handle. We also offer a help forum that’s run and answered by volunteers, so if you have any questions or issues feel free to send them a message, whilst considering that these guys are here to help and not obliged to, they don’t get paid and they help for no other reason than they like seeing people being self sufficient as we do.

Please enjoy your time spent on DIY Construction and Building website!