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Have your say

To ensure that our new qualification delivers the skills and learning that employers want and need, your help and involvement is vital

We value your views

We recognise that working in the industry, you know better than anyone what you really need from your new recruits, and this is why we are canvassing your views as part of the Diploma development process. Your involvement is vital in helping us to achieve these aims:

  • to develop learning that helps to provide candidates with the knowledge and skills required to progress to employment, further and higher education, and future training
  • to help ensure that young people have the skills and capabilities that employers need
  • to assess current relevant qualifications and part qualifications for coverage
  • to include work related learning and work experience
  • to integrate with Apprenticeships

Fulfilling these aims will result in a qualification that is recognised and valued in helping young people progress from college or school into adult working life and ongoing learning

We have developed a questionnaire to find out your views on what the Diploma should focus on. The feedback and advice received from this questionnaire will help us take forward this important work.