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We’re here to answer any question that you may have about ant the Built Environment Diploma.

What will employers gain from Diplomas?

A Diploma will be a guarantee that the young person holding it has the skills and knowledge that employers require. Specialised Diplomas should provide a real material benefit to employers by reducing recruitment and training costs, and staff turnover, as young people come in to the workforce with higher levels of skills and having made better informed choices.

What will young people gain from the new specialised Diplomas?

Young people will get the opportunity to participate in a different learning experience, more relevant to employment. They will be recognised for their achievements, which will help raise their sights and encourage them to progress. There will be clear opportunities for progression to the next level.

How will Diplomas ensure that young people do not 'lack the basics'?

Specialised Diplomas will contain the new functional skills qualifications which will also be included in the revised English, maths and ICT GCSEs. This will ensure that young people secure the right foundation of literacy, numeracy and ICT skills needed for progression into employment.

Will work experience be included on the Diplomas?

Work experience will be a key feature of all Diplomas. Each Diploma will require a minimum amount of time in the workplace of 10 days across the programme at each level. Wherever possible, this work experience should be directly related to the Diploma being studied, but its focus will be on developing employability skills so could be undertaken with any employer.

Why should anyone do a Diploma if they want to enter the labour market at 16 or 19 rather than an apprenticeship which brings with it additional occupational competence?

If a young person wants to enter the labour market at 16 they should do an Apprenticeship because these are work-based programmes which allow them to be employed and which are designed to develop particular occupational competences. The Specialised Diplomas will provide a broader education for those who want to stay in full-time education. They will allow young people to develop skills that relate to a number of industries but will not provide job-specific training. Many young people who have completed a Diploma may go on to an Apprenticeship programme and where elements of their Diploma programme overlap with their Apprenticeship achievements, they will not repeat that learning.

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